LP/singles collection in Brackenfell, Western Cape for sale

Art & Antiques

I am selling my collection  everything must go, what do you offer?
AC/DC,  For those about to rock  1981   R150
AC/DC,  If you want blood  1978   R150
Iron maiden, power slave 1984     R150 
(Personal engraving by the engraver  “there’s only one um (side A) and that’s F**K um (side B))
Uriah Heep, fallen angel  1978  R150
Uriah Heep,  the best of 1975 R150
Kiss, rock and roll over   1978 R150
Kiss,  alive  1975  double LP  R200
judast priest, Alive double LP  R200
Police<  every breath you take the singles LP R150
The doors, the best of  R150
Nina Hagen, angstlos  R150
Bon jovi, slippery when wet R150
Wild live calls of Africa R150
The Sufferig wombatz, lager loutz  R150
Guns n Roses  T-shirt purchased during the Nijmegen tour in the Netherlands 5 june 1993 R400
Crackle rattle bash       R150
Music laden, eurotops   R150
Elton john , single man  R150
Elton john, live London new York  R150
David Lee Roth, eat em and smile R150
Bad Manners  R150
Adam Ant , Friend or foe  R150
Deep Purple , Nobody’s perfect   double LP  R300