Solid Wood Picnic Tables in Brackenfell, Western Cape for sale


Customize your Dining Room - Excellent Prices - Solid Wood - Bespoke Furniture
Customizing your dining room has never been easier then with Out Of the box furniture.
For absolutely fantastic customer service and phenomenal quality, you have the choice to choose from our standard ranges to customizing your own hand crafted pieces to suit your needs.
Delivery is offered Nation Wide.
Standard Dining Table Sizing
4-Seater Table : 1000 mm L x 1000mm W x 770 H / 1200 mm L x 800 mm W x 770 mm H
6-Seater Table : 1600 mm L x 1000 mm W x 770mm H
8-Seater Table : 2100 mm L x 1000 mm W x 770 mm H
10-Seater Table : 2400 mm L x 1100 mm W x 770 mm H
12-Seater Table : 3000 mm L x 1200 mm W x 770 mm H
(These are our standard sizing custom sizing is available)
Our service and craftmanship is the same for the customer who orders one piece of furniture to our clients who order 100 and more pieces of furniture for restaurants or developments.
2D renderings are available of any designs for R150.00 per drawing.
A few of our Reviews: visit our Facebook Page for more reviews as well as our current projects
Wood Collection: (We work with all wood types available in South Africa) Most requested wood types:
1. American Oak - Aesthetic: Light in colour with a beautiful flowing grain - Qualities: Hardwood , Stable, Durable)
2. French Oak - Aesthetic: Rustic Light in colour, Knotty - Qualities: Hardwood, Durable and Stable)
3. American Ash - Aesthetic: Very Light in colour, smooth Qualities : Hardwood, Stable, Durable)
4. Kiaat - Aesthetic: Varity in tones you can get a more brownish/redish with minimal blond grains or a mixture, softer grain and texture - Qualities: Softer wood type - Stable)
5. Blackwood - Aesthetic: Varies between brownish and reddish tinits with hints of green occasionally - Qualities: Hardwood, Strong can be temperamental with sufficient temperature changes)
6. Oregon Pine - Aesthetic: Strawberry Blond in colour smooth grain - Qualities: Softer and Lighter Wood type, Stable and Durable
7. Stinkwood - Aesthetic: Light Brown in Colour with Dark Brown Flames - Qualities: Smooth wood type, stable and durable
8. Meranti - Aesthetic: Strawberry Blond / Pinkish in Colour (often varnished darker) - Qualities: Hardwood, Outdoor use mostly, strong and stable
9. Seligna - Aesthetic: Light Strawberry Blond/ Light Pink in colour, beautiful grain - Qualities: Softer wood type. Outdoor wood type and stable
10. SA Pine - Aesthetic: Light Yellow Wood - Qualities: Soft wood, stable
Lisa-Jane Baxter reviewed Out of the Box Furniture - 5 star September 19 at 2:40pm *
Thank you so much for your professionalism and the craftsmanship of your work. You manufactured the most classic and beautiful wooden double bed for me and it fits perfectly in the new space in Barrydale. You were also incredibly supportive and helpful with the transport of my bed to its new home. I will definitely be back for more furniture, Lisa-Jane
Niquelle Hagedorn-Hansen reviewed Out of the Box Furniture - 5 star July 12 *
We visited Out of the Box this weekend and saw the most amazing craftmanship. Saw some incredible wood pieces made to perfection. American Oak, Ash wood and stunning Blackwood all used to create functional master pieces. Such an inspiring visit! Excited to make some purchases for our new house soon! Keep up the enthusiasm and passion!
Charl van Rhyn reviewed Out of the Box Furniture - 5 star
3 hrs *
Received my order today and I am very happy! Thanks to Donovan and the team! Stunning product with excellent craftsmanship backed with a real 'service with a smile' attitude .
Marisa Niemandt reviewed...
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